sea salt and rock salt

Sea – food grade

Rock – food grade


size : 1- 1,5mm granul

Bulk pack 25kg PP bags or retail pack

Origine Turkiye

NaCl 95,5 or more


We have a wide product range that meets both palatal and health requirements with its iodized, non-iodized, sodium-reduced product types.

Refined Iodized table  salt

Refined Non-Iodized table  salt

Sodium reduced Iodized salt 50% low sodium salt

Natural Sea Grinder Marine  salt

Coarse Brine Marine salt

Marine  salt

Lake salt

Refined  salt

Table  salt


Industrial salts for application

Cheese, Sauce, Caper, Pickle, Olive, Instant soup, Ketchup, Canned food

Dried Nut, Bakery, Meat

Feed : livestock


Textile, Treatment, Chemical, Soap








Especially those who have diseases such as hyperthyroid, nodular goiter, hashimato thyroid should not consume non-iodized type. Experts state that extra iodine consumption may cause harmful side effects or diseases for some people. If a family member should consume non-iodized salt, the food should be cooked without salt and everybody should add the salt appropriate for himself.

Salt keeps the water of body. It is effective in spasm of veins together with other hormones. Therefore, in case of extra salt consumption, blood pressure shall arise due to keeping water in the body and vein spasm. The body needs certain amount of salt. Lack of salt causes low blood pressure, weakness and dizziness.