ORGANIC Foods and Products

prodotto biologico

organic certified products

Clientsretailers, wholesalers, contract packers, food Manufactures

Organic Products – nuts, seeds, flour, grain, liquids, pulses, rice, fruit etc.

Organic Certification – CCPB certified organic for EU and NOP USA 


organic Hazelnuts

organic Hazelnut Kernels


organic Bitter Apricot kernels

organic bitter apricot kernels

 organic Sweet Apricot Kernels

sweet apricot kernels organic

organic Pistachios

pistachio kernels

 organic dried DateASEEL-pitted date

organic Brazil nutorganic grazil nuts foodimpex

organic Dried Pearsorganic dried pears

 organic Sultanassultana raisins organic

 organic Dried Sour Cherry

organic dried sour cherry

 organic Dried Apricots

organic dried apricots foodimpex

 organic Dried Figs

organic dried figs foodimpex

 organic Dried Mulberry

organic dried mulberry foodimpex

 organic Dried Prunesdried prunes halves

 organic Pine nut kernelspine nut kernels  organic Strawberries apple juice infused


 organic  sour Cherries

apple juice infuseddried sour cherry

 organic Flax seedsorganic flax seeds foodimpex

 organic Lentils

organic red split lentils

organic Chickpeas

chickpeas 9mm


 organic Bulgur


 organic Laurel Leaveorganic laurel leaves foodimpex

organic Chamomile



sun dried tomato
organic sun dried tomatoes vacuum

organic fennel seeds

organic Fennel seed

 Organic Sage

 Organic Oregano


 organic Thyme



organic Honey

 organic Black Tea

black tea

 organic Rosemary



organic Chamomile



 organic Olive oil
olive oil

organic Anis Seeds

anise seed

organic Cumin Seeds


organic cumin seeds foodimpex


organic Olive Leaf

olive leaf

organic Pomegranate Juice
organic pomegranate juice
organic Blue Poppy Seedorganic blue poppy seeds seeds foodimpex

organic Brazil nut

organic brazil nuts foodimpex


Cistus rock-rose leaf

organic Cistus rock-rose leaf

 organic Lavender

organic wheat flour


organic rice flour


organic sesame seeds

 organic black tea

organic green tea


  • Ashwagandha:  India
    Stevia: India
    Licorice : India
    Moringa : India
    Baccopa : India
  • Organic Amaranth seeds
  • Barley
  • Sainfoin
  •  organic Grass type Forage Turnip