Turkish special Bergama Pine Nut Kernels.

Pinus Pinea


Produce of Turkiye

Produce of Pakistan

caliber 560-580 per 100gr

caliber 580-600 per 100gr

Special Bergama type kernels


Pack: 10kg nett cotton bags + cartons pack 10 kg cartons

Pack: 10kg nett (4 x 2,5kg) vacuum bags + cartons


Pine nut kernels should have a moisture content not exceeding 3.5 per cent, except for Pinus pinea, which should not exceed 6.0 per cent and Pinus gerardiana, which should not exceed 7.0 per cent.


It is also called piñón (Spanish), pinoli (Italian), pignoli, bondoq (Tunisian) or chilgoza (Urdu), are the edible seeds of pines.

Kernels contain essential minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium and high oleic acid content.


Pine Nut Kernels

Pine Nut Kernels