Bitter Apricot Kernels

  • Produce of Turkiye
  • Produce of Uzbekistan
  • Produce of Pakistan

Natural type

Blanched type

organic bitter apricot kernels
bitter apricot kernels

bitter apricot kernels




Bitter Apricot seeds all natural apricot kernels. no additive. highest quality bitter – raw – unroasted apricot kernels with igh content of Vitamin B17, amygdalin.

packing : 25kg PP bags

packing : 700g retail zip lock bags

packing : 400g retail zip lock bags

Private Label packing is acceptable.


Pallet load worldwide delivery. Amygdalin is contained in stone fruit kernels, such as almonds, apricot (14 g/kg), peach (6.8 g/kg), and plum (4–17.5 g/kg depending on variety), and also in the seeds of the apple (3 g/kg).[7] Benzaldehyde released from amygdalin provides a bitter flavor. Because of a difference in a recessive gene called Sweet kernal [Sk], much less amygdalin is present in nonbitter (or sweet) almond than bitter almond.[8] In one study, bitter almond amygdalin concentrations ranged from 33 to 54 g/kg depending on variety; semibitter varieties averaged 1 g/kg and sweet varieties averaged 0.063 g/kg with significant variability based on variety and growing region.[9] (Source wikipedia)