Hazelnut Kernels Paste

hazelnut Kernels PASTE

Types :

A) Dark Roasted

B) Medium Roasted

C) Light Roasted

Sizes : Between 20-80µ in line with customer demand



we do also

Hazelnut Kernels Paste with Sugar (PRALIN)

Size : <30 µ
50+50% paste & sugar mix PRALIN or any other ratio… A mixture of roasted hazelnut paste in specific proportions.

Hazelnut kernels Paste with Sugar and Cacao


packing  in buckets 5kg -10kg – 20kg


hazelnut kernels paste



packing in 30kg – 60kg – 200kg plastic barrels


packing IBC tanks : 1000kg

packing metal drums : 20kg -55kg -200kg